Better Writing

It’s no secret that attention spans have decreased in the Internet Age. Today, we are inundated with information from email, text messages, blogs, tweets, online news, Facebook, and more.

In addition, we are busier than ever working longer hours in an increasingly competitive and most likely global marketplace. Our time is stretched!

Get to the Point
Professional writing has evolved. To be effective now, writing must consist of short bursts of information that are easily discerned rather than lengthy and subtle descriptions. Your messages need to quickly say a lot more in less space.

All communications (advertisements, blogs, brochures, proposals, Website content, etc.) better be easy to read and understand or they will be ignored!

New Tactics
So today’s challenge is how do you create concise meaningful messages that get noticed and lead to customer action?

For starters, employ a writing style that resonates with contemporary audiences, keeping in mind that marketing channels are increasingly visual–even plain text is a design element!

Your content could include:

  • Outlines, tables of content, and subsection titles that accurately label content
  • Shorter paragraphs consisting of five lines or less (shorter sentences too!)
  • Succinct introductions and conclusions
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Interactive call-outs that link references within a document
  • Graphics! Graphics! Graphics!:  including charts, photos, drawings, and sidebars that simplify and consolidate information

Bottom Line
To remain competitive, your communications must be clear, compelling, and concise so it is easy for your customers to understand your messages.

The future of your business depends on it!